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With this tool the user can enter multiple agents' preferred
allocations of three public goods, and it calculates the Frugal Majority Set.

To use the tool you only need to click the gray buttons. One click
represents one vote for that allocation. The bottom left corner repre-
sents the first public good, the bottom right corner represents the second
public good and the upper corner represents the third public good. To
get used to the voting, we recommend that you try it out.The current
votes are listed in the upper textfield. To remove a vote, simply click
the "Add" button on the right hand side and it will switch to "Deduct",
now clicking will deduct one vote. Negative votes are not allowed.

Once a number of agents have cast their vote we can either calculate the
Frugal Majority Set or we can calculate the q-Optionset. The q-Optionset
computes which allocations can become part of the Frugal Majority Set
with q additional votes. The results will be shown graphically in the
triangle and as a list in the textfields (the middle one for Frugal
Majority Set and the bottom one for the Optionset). The textfield
on the right shows the ordered allocated amounts and their sum.

To delete all cast votes and start over, the "Start/Reset" button can
be used. In this application the amount allocated is 15 and only int-
egers can be allocated.

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